NPRI Working Against Your Best interests

The Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI) is a right leaning think tank that actively seeks an anti-education, anti-union, and anti-teacher agenda in an effort to reduce government spending. Here at CCEA and NSEA we have spent the entire legislative session fighting against NPRI’s anti-teacher platform, while they struggled to find support for their radical, anti-education agenda.

Now NPRI is asking you to support their cause by dropping your union membership. Why? So they can weaken our rights as educators to collectively bargain and fight for the rights of teaching professionals.

Step and column increases will return next school year despite NPRI’s claims that teachers are overpaid. Thousands of teachers stood strong with CCEA and NSEA this legislative session–together we advocated for education funding.

NPRI claims to be an organization of facts, but instead they willfully misrepresent education policy to assist in their agenda and hurt teachers in the process. Take a look at where they stand on the issues.

Class Size Reduction

“…CCSD’s class size number is garbage. There are around 311,000 students in CCSD and 17,000 teachers. That’s 18.3 students per teacher. If average class sizes are really that large–and I’m not convinced they are– then CCSD is choosing to taking thousands and thousands of teachers out of the classroom.”

Victor Joecks
NPRI Communications Director
Friday, January 18, 2013

The Education Initiative

“So both the margin-tax and mining-tax proposals would take more money out of our already fragile private economy and waste it — by throwing it at a problem that 50 years of evidence have proven can’t be solved with more money. … By echoing the union-peddled hogwash that increased spending is the key to educational improvement, these senators are not only hampering Nevada’s economic recovery — they’re also undermining efforts to implement the kinds of structural reforms that would actually help students.”

Andy Mathews
NPRI President
Wrong Way Republicans
Friday, April 26, 2013

Mining SJR-15

“Calls for higher Nevada taxes– whether on the mining industry or on everyone else through the job-killing margin tax– regularly rely on a faulty premise: that Nevada needs to pour always more dollars into its monopolistic government schools.”

Geoffery Lawrence, 
NPRI Deputy Policy Director
NPRI: Calls for higher taxes based on faulty premise
Thursday, March 5, 2013

Teacher Evaluation

“It’s an improvement that it now takes teachers three years to earn “tenure,” but the real question is: “Why do teachers even have tenure?”

Victor Joecks
NPRI Communications Director
For your tax increases, you’ll get only minor education reforms

Collective Bargaining

“What these out-of-control spending increases reveal is Nevada’s serious need for collective bargaining reforms that will eliminate evergreen clauses and binding arbitration.”

Victor Joecks
NPRI Communications Director
NPRI testimony: CCSD’s numbers don’t add up
Friday, February 22, 2013

Reimbursement For Out of Pocket Expenses

NPRI sank to a new low and goes on record opposing teachers being reimbursed for out-of-pocket classroom expenses. Even Senate Education Committee Chair Joyce Woodhouse couldn’t believe they would be speaking against this legislation.; NPRI’s argument; Article 10-7 of the CCEA/CCSD Negotiated Agreement.

Geoffrey Lawrence speaking in opposition of SB 240
Senate Education Committee Hearing
April 3, 2013

Full Day Kindergarten

“Pre-K and full-day K programs would not only waste taxpayer dollars, they would also distract from the highly popular and successful reform that is increasing educational achievement across the country: school choice.”

Victor Joecks
NPRI Communications Director
NPRI reacts to Democrats’ education agenda
Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Do you think NPRI has your best interests at heart?