CCEA Committees

Participating in committees is a great way to help strengthen the Association. The CCEA Bylaws has established 11 Standing Committees and the President, with the approval of the Association Representative Council, appoints them. Each Committee reports monthly to the Association Representative (AR) Council.

The following is a list of the Standing Committees and a brief description of their role:

  • Awards CommitteeIMG_7455

The Awards Committee is responsible for recognizing the outstanding efforts of CCEA members in four categories – Dedicated Educator Award, STAR Educator Award, Pam Chambers Service to CCEA Award, and Steve Cozine Leadership Award. Nominations for the four awards are solicited and recipients are selected.

  • Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is responsible for the oversight of the operating budget of the Association. The Committee meets monthly with the CCEA Treasurer and Business Manager. The Treasurer presents the Budget Committee’s report to the CCEA Executive Board and the AR Council at its monthly meetings.

  • Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for recommending revisions of the Bylaws for adoption by the AR Council.

  • IMG_0400Elections Committee

The Elections Committee is responsible for conducting all elections and ratification of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Committee proposes the Standard Election Procedures for adoption by the AR Council.

  • Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee

The Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee (EMAC) reviews and assesses Association goals, objectives, programs, and long-range plans to ensure that ethnic-minority concerns are addressed.

  • Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee is responsible for increasing members’ awareness of the potential CCEA has to impact the political arena.

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