2017 CCEA Education Lobby Day Was A Success!

On Monday, April 10th, eighty educators, licensed professionals, administrators, parents, and advocates attended the CCEA Education Lobby Day in Carson City. They spent the day meeting with legislators to discuss among many things, Senate Bill 178, equitable and adequate funding for all students.

Important decisions are being made right now about Senate Bill 178, sponsored by Senator Mo Denis, which addresses a weighted funding formula for students with unique needs. Senator Woodhouse, Assemblyman Thompson and Assemblywoman Diaz are also co-sponsors of the legislation.

There were several other of CCEA’s priority pieces of legislation heard throughout the day as well including:

  • SB 300, the Peer Assistance & Review (PAR) Bill, that would allocate $2 million each year of the biennium to the program with the hope of building on the success of retaining and developing more new educators.
  • AB 320 works to remove any evaluation reference that ties an educator’s performance to student test scores.
  • SB 356, the Collective Bargaining Bill, would ensure that educators obtain their earned salary advancements under a professional growth plan (PGP).
  • Finally, AB 469, a bipartisan bill that intends to formalize the CCSD reorganization regulations. This bill would halt any legal ramifications that CCSD Trustees intend to impose with their lawsuit.

The day ended with a meeting with Governor Sandoval where he answered questions, some questions that arose pertained to bills such as Senate Bills 300 and 356 along with Assembly Bills 320 and 469.

The event was a wonderful opportunity for educators, parents, administrators and community advocates to directly engage in the political process and communicate with legislators. This being said, we are only halfway through the legislative session and there is still much work to be done. For more information on how you can help, please visit leadthewaynv.org.

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