400 Reasons the Legislative Town Hall Was a Success


We want to thank the over 400 participants who attended our 2017 Legislative Town Hall on equitable and adequate funding for all students. Attendees were able to be part of the discussion, have their voices heard and questions answered. We also would like to thank the legislators who attended: Senators Denis, Woodhouse, and Parks, along with Assemblypersons Thompson, Miller, Pickard, and Monroe-Moreno. Thank you for making public education a priority and putting us on the path to progress. We are counting on your leadership.


If you were unable to attend Saturday’s Town Hall, the main takeaway was that although we made progress in the 2015 Legislative Session, over 154,000 students are being left behind. We have an opportunity through Senate Bill 178, the Weighted Funding Formula, to help these students and ultimately provide funds for specific services that a school provides for students with unique needs. The target population is English Language Learners, students in poverty, low-proficiency, Special Education, and Gifted and Talented Education.


As Reverend Dennis Hutson from Nevadans for the Common Good told the crowd, “Your actions make a difference.” It’s going to take thousands of parents and educators to mobilize and stay engaged. Email the bill sponsors of Senate Bill 178 today to help ensure that 154,000 students being left behind get the education that they deserve.





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