A Court Ruling Shines Light on Misguided Leadership


A Court Ruling Shines Light on Misguided Leadership of CCSD’s Edward Goldman

A recent Ninth District Court ruling in the case of Elena Rodriguez-Malfavon, found CCSD retaliated against her for reporting unethical behavior conducted by her previous supervisor at the Clark County School District. The case specifically cites the actions of Edward Goldman, head of CCSD’s EMR Department. This is yet another example of costly legal expenses that are accruing due to anti-employee relations management of Edward Goldman.

An on-going arbitration between CCEA and CCSD is on trend to set a record in costs with over $750,000 being spent by both parties.  In addition to demanding a step freeze for educators, Goldman has been trying to get rid of the Teachers Health Trust by refusing to provide enough funding to keep up with the growing costs of healthcare.

With the recent Court decision against CCSD and Goldman, the community has to ask when will the Clark County School Board Trustees take action and remove Goldman from running employee relations into the ground while continuing to rack up more unnecessary exorbitant legal expenses.

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