A Message from Theo Small, VP, Regarding Educators Evaluations

CCEA, as the Union of Teaching Professionals, believe that a quality evaluation system must include the voice of the educational professional, as we are the ones working each day with students and families. Whether you are new to the profession or a veteran, our mission should be to continue to strive to improve our personal practice and growth as educators.

However, one-time State-mandated assessments are inappropriate in use for the evaluation of educators, as few educators are directly connected to these assessments, and they do not properly assess real growth and progress. This is why CCEA worked with Legislators in the 2011, 2013, and 2015 session to remove and lesson the impact of State-mandated assessments, and went into the 2017 Legislative Session knowing that changes must be made on the issue of evaluations and assessments.


Working with the Assembly Speaker, CCEA is moving legislation that includes the following, voted and passed by the Department of Education’s Teacher Leadership Council (TLC), made up of educators and community members:

  • All educators in charter schools should also be evaluated using the NEPF and held to the same accountability standards.
  • Removes all state tests from evaluations & caps any use of formative, student learning goals, school, teacher or district assessment at 20%.
  • Exempts Highly Effective Educators who receive 2 consecutive years of highly effective ratings from evaluation for 2 years.


Removing all State tests from evaluations is critical to ensure fairness—that educators are only responsible to the student’s they directly work with, and have a say in where they want to support their own professional practice. In a district as large as CCSD, the current system is burdensome for most schools and annual evaluations for many of our practitioners are not necessary. Those who have proven successful in the standards should be given the flexibility to show leadership in their own professional growth systems practice with their community, peers and students. Finally, if we are to ensure all student success, all educators in Charter Schools should be evaluated under the same NEPF standards as public schools.


We respect the work of the TLC’s educators & believe that more efforts should be around training & supports of educators to improve their practice. Educators don’t want “no accountability.” Rather, we want fair, balanced, and quality evaluations that ensures the growth of every professional.


Speaker Frierson needs our help to get this legislation passed. Please take a quick minute to contact Speaker Frierson and thank him for sponsoring this critical evaluation legislation and let him know that you support his leadership on this issue. (click the image below)


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