CCEA Files Unfair Labor Charges Against CCSD

The Clark County Education Association, representing 18,000 educators and licensed professionals, filed an Unfair Labor Charge against the fifth largest school district in the country this morning. The two parties worked collaboratively for more than a year to develop an innovative salary schedule that rewards educators for their continued professional development aligned to their specific area of practice, student population, and the Nevada Edulp 2ucator Performance Framework (NEPF) in the most recent Contract Agreement. The new Professional Growth System was a historic step forward. Unfortunately, despite CCEA’s objections, the joint agreements, and work to train, promote, and communicate the Professional Growth System as agreed, CCSD arbitrarily announced unilateral changes to the Professional Growth System on April 6th a year after implementation and overwhelming participation by educators and licensed professionals. These changes negatively impact educators and licensed professional who have invested their time and money to better their practice in reliance.

CCSD was given the opportunity to rescind their unilateral decision prior to the charges being filed. CCEA is disappointed that the CCSD Board of Trustees, who voted to approve the contract in January, has failed to intervene and come to the aid of educators.

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