Judge to NSEA: You have to provide financial information

Today, the Court heard CCEA’s case against NSEA as well as NSEA’s counterclaim. Both parties entered into motions to dismiss parts of each’s lawsuit.  The key aspect of the dispute is the contract to remit dues.  This aspect of the lawsuit will proceed to trial with the Court ordering both parties to enter into the discovery process. We are headed to trial.

The Court denied NSEA’s motion to throw out its obligation to provide financial information to CCEA on how members’ dues are spent, therein NSEA’s attempt to hide behind the courts failed and the case will be proceeding. The Court threw out NSEA’s charges of fraud and wants the court to decide in the case of enrichment against CCEA.

What this is really about: NSEA receives $4.1 Million dollars of dues money from CCEA members and has refused to help in the current arbitration for Clark County’s Educators salary and health benefits.  They have engaged in a campaign to threaten and scare members in order to get the $4.1 million back. NEA receives $2.1 million in dues from CCEA members and unfortunately has aided NSEA in its efforts to hurt members in order to get the $2.1 million in dues. CCEA will continue to fight on behalf of members to get the best outcome in this case and the current arbitration with the District.

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