Statement: Superintendent’s Announced Retirement

September 7, 2017 - CCEA welcomes the news of the Superintendent announcing his retirement. Our community needs and is ready for new leadership to lead our School District forward.

With the reorganization of CCSD where parents, educators and principals have more control over budgets and student outcomes, what we need now is new leadership to move our District forward.

We thank Pat Skorkowsky for his years of service. However, we do think it would be in everyone’s interest that he step aside and let interim leadership take the helm while a national search takes place to find a new Superintendent. Lame ducks never have and never will get things done.  CCSD is no exception.

Given the uncertain financial situation that we are currently in as well as morale being at its lowest among educators and administrators, CCEA believes that the sooner we have new leadership and a fresh start, the better.


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