CCEA’s VP Addresses CCSD Trustees

September 6, 2017- CCEA's Vice President, Theo Small, addressed the CCSD board of Trustees this morning during their regularly scheduled work session.

Good Morning Board of Trustees,

I am Theo Small. I am the Vice President of CCEA, representing 18,000 licensed professionals who are employed by the Clark County School District.

I am here to bring to your attention something that is going on with our current arbitration over a new contract.

As you know the health insurance is a key issue in those proceedings.

But what I am not sure you are aware is the fact that the District is using the arbitration proceedings to award a $130 million contract to United Healthcare.

This means the District is violating its own policies by not putting out an RFP for a health insurance proposal. You did that with the support staff. You were transparent.

This is not transparent. This is a back room door deal. Eddie Goldman obtained unauthorized information on the census data from THT and turned that over to United Healthcare. This was done with the full knowledge of the General Counsel and Superintendent.

In fact, when Goldman obtained that information he was told that it was confidential information and not to be disclosed to any other party without THT and CCEA approval. Superintendent Skorkowsky gave his word that would not be done.

Now here we are where the District is using the arbitration proceedings to turnover a health insurance contract without any transparency, without any RFP, and after obtaining confidential information illegally that is now part of a lawsuit in the Nevada Court systems.

We believe this is highly unethical. More important, we believe that you as Trustees probably are not aware of how this has happened. I am hoping that is the case. I want to believe that is the case.

What is currently going on is no different than when former Trustee Cranor raised a red flag about the contract a previous consultant had who made millions of dollars on the health insurance provided to the support staff through a suspicious relationship with United Healthcare and Eddie Goldman.

I want to believe that this has not been done with the knowledge or approval the Board of Trustees. I am sure your General Counsel will tell you this is fine and legal. But I am here to tell you that it is not.  This is unethical and a violation of your own policies and practices. I am here requesting that you look into this matter and put an end to this back room deal that is being cooked under the cover of NRS 288 impasse arbitration proceedings.

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