Clark County Garners 58 Newly Board-Certified Educators


Have you heard about all the great things going on with CCEA's National Board Certification Training program? CCEA offers candidate support through specialized training to ensure educators are adequately supported on their journey to becoming National Board certified. CCEA works in collaboration with CCSD to provide nationally recognized cohort programs that target at-risk schools which have been met with great success. The initial cohort goal for at-risk schools was set for 75%, and the current offering from CCEA is closer to 85%.

It is with excitement and pride that CCEA has the pleasure to announce the full list of Clark County educators that have recently achieved National Board Certification. In total, the State of Nevada has 810 National Board candidates, and 694 of them are here locally in our community! Clark County School District is the second most populated school district with National Board candidates in the country, behind first-place Los Angeles Unified. Ultimately, CCSD students receive a tremendous benefit as studies show them experiencing growth at a more rapid pace under the tutelage of teachers that are National Board Certified.

From the most recent National Board cycle, 58 candidates certified. Huge congratulations to all who became certified and good luck to those who are on the journey to attaining National Board Certification.

The 58 candidates and their schools from the most recent cycle are:

  1. SooPark, Advanced Tech Academy
  2. Heather Witt, Arbor View HS
  3. Susan Berry, Basic HS
  4. Barton Black, Basic HS
  5. Ashley Hernandez, Basic HS
  6. Shelly Ruesch, Basic HS
  7. Elizabeth Strehl, Basic HS
  8. Lauren Taylor, Basic HS
  9. Julia Temple, Basic HS
  10. Michael Thorsteinson, Basic HS
  11. Dianna Davis-Smith, C. Cox ES
  12. Rebecca Holstead, Cashman MS
  13. Cassandra Arquette, Clark HS
  14. Robin Brown, Clark HS
  15. Jennifer Lovelady, Clark HS
  16. Ashley Nebe, Clark HS
  17. Lori Jorgensen, Coronado HS
  18. Linda Beatty, Cox David ES
  19. Lara Dupree, Durango HS
  20. Angeline Carlson, Ferron ES
  21. Konnie Guthrie, Fertitta MS
  22. Kimberly Izumo, Fremont MS
  23. Benjamin Franke, Garrett MS
  24. Cheryl Muri, Gibson ES
  25. Angelique Callicoat, Green Valley HS
  26. Gail Hudson, Hummel ES
  27. Jennifer Panczyszyn, Innovative Learning
  28. Maud Lise-Lotte Lublin, Johnson MS
  29. Anthony Weed, Johnson MS
  30. Kristy Kendrick, Kesterson ES
  31. Megan Franke, Las Vegas Academy
  32. Kimberlee Miyazaki, Lynch ES
  33. Patricia Buono, Mack MS
  34. Lynn Little, Mannion MS
  35. KevanOmmen, Mcdoniel ES
  36. Kam Hughes Miller, Sandy Magnet ES
  37. Julie Valdez, Mountain View ES
  38. Tiffany ValenciaPeterson, Academic Center
  39. Claudine Robinson, Rogich MS
  40. Marci Kutzer, Ronzone ES
  41. Abbey Crouse, Sandy Valley ES
  42. Deborah Muhlenbruck Fleischer, Schofield MS
  43. Kyle Johnson, Secta
  44. Patrice Carder, Silverado HS
  45. Jessica Leavitt, Silverado HS
  46. Kevin Schwallie, Silverado HS
  47. Amy Murray, Spring Valley HS
  48. Jennifer Barrickman, Tanaka ES
  49. Amanda Jennifer KatzenBonzo, Thorpe ES
  50. Michelle Parkes, Vassiliadis ES
  51. Lindsay Schoener, Vassiliadis ES
  52. Andrea Jydstrup-Mckinney, WCTA
  53. William Daines, White Ms
  54. Athena Mertes, White MS
  55. Bethany Andrews, Woodbury MS
  56. Jennifer Mills, Woodbury MS
  57. Lisa Schrader, Woolley ES
  58. Susan Giancaspro, Wynn ES

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