Critical Hearing for Weighted Funding

CCEA's numbersb178 one legislative priority, the Weighted Funding Formula, was heard this afternoon by a joint Assembly and Senate Education committee.

CCEA has played a pivotal role with the work committee that was charged by  Senator Denis and the bill sponsors to develop a framework that would have the maximum impact for ELL & FRL low-proficiency students.

CCEA's Executive Director, John Vellardita, said in his testimony, "Educators will like this bill because it will give them the appropriate tools and resources to do what they do best."

We have an obligation to change the future of at-risk students. SB178 would provide $1,200 per student per year for services and resources that will improve proficiency.  The current Zoom & Victory funding would stay in place.

CCEA has been working on this issue for a year. When SB 178 was first introduced, CCEA proposed that we use this biennium budget as a transition year from the current categorical model to weights. Specifically, we stated we needed to adopt a flat value weight for at risk students to fund a service for intervention strategies for at risk students. We are pleased that today SB178 has embraced that model and we look forward to working to secure the funds for SB178.  CCSD students will be receiving 84% of that funding because our at-risk student population is 84% of the state.

Our efforts make a difference. Stay tuned for more ways to get involved.

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