Equitable Funding for All Students Is the Heart of Social Justice

Equitable education funding should be the number one social justice issue tHeart3his legislative session. Currently, in the Clark County School District there are over 154,000 students who are English Language Learners, Free and Reduced Lunch eligible, and students with low proficiency. All of these students need additional resources. Students need the opportunity to make it to the middle class. A good education is their pathway.

Investing adequately and equitably in public education combats generational poverty. Investing in public education tackles the poverty-to-prison pipeline. Investing in public education effects graduation rates. Investing in public education impacts higher education completion. Investing in public education expands career opportunities. Investing in education creates an educated workforce to help diversify our economy and create middle class jobs.

There are a number of issues to address this Legislative Session, including raising the minimum wage and protecting health care for all Nevadans. Many of those issues are important for Nevadans and working families. However, as an organization representing over 18,000 educators who teach 320,000 students, we would be remiss not to focus on the core issue of equitable education funding in this legislative session.

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