Governor Signs AB320, Eval Bill, Into Law!

Governor Signs AB320, Eval Bill, Into Law!

Our Evaluation Bill, Assembly Bill 320, sponsored by Speaker Frierson was signed into law today by Governor Sandoval. 

This legislation removes any use of state student test scores from teacher evaluations and caps any use of formative, student learning goals, school, teacher or district assessment at 20% for the first year and 40% for the second year.  

The CCEA leadership and lobby team worked with the Assembly Speaker, Jason Frierson, to introduce this bill. CCEA also worked with the Teachers and Leaders Council (TLC). The TLC is a group made up of teachers and community members, including our VP Theo Small, appointed by the Governor to advise the Department of Education Board. 

This bill ensures that educators are only responsible for the students they directly work with and have a say in where they want to support their own professional practice.  

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