Governor Signs Historic CCSD Reorganization Bill


Governor Signs Historic CCSD Reorganization Bill, AB469, Into Law
Opportunity to Continue Progress with SB 178

LAS VEGAS, NV- Bipartisan legislation, Assembly Bill 469, was signed by the Governor today to formalize the CCSD Reorganization regulations.

CCEA thanks legislative leadership – Majority Leader Aaron Ford, Speaker Jason Frierson, Minority Leader Michael Roberson and Minority Floor Leader Paul Anderson - for there historic bipartisan leadership to ensure that over 320,000 students, over 350 schools, and 18,000 educators will have a greater voice by shifting autonomy and control from CCSD’s control office to the schools.

CCEA was at the forefront of the AB394 process and strongly supports changing the CCSD education delivery system so educators, parents and principals at the local level, who are closest to a child’s education, are empowered with decision-making that impacts student achievement.

The CCSD reorganization bill empowers parents, educators and principals at each school to create a budget designed to achieve good student outcomes. Over 350 Site-based Organizational Teams have met to develop their school's budget. For the last several months, the threat of CCSD’s lawsuit was looming as an unsettled matter that could potentially jeopardize the progress made thus far. This legislation officially ends the CCSD Board of Trustee’s attempts to stop the reorganization through the courts. Now it’s time to make the hard decisions that will put more resources into the schools and empower parents, teachers and principals, to make the right decisions that put students first.

Reorganizing central administration into a service agency and repurposing those dollars to the buildings means that waste should be eliminated. Now that AB 469 has been signed into law, positions and departments that no longer add value to the new delivery system should be eliminated or reorganized. CCSD needs bold leadership to make these decisions. If that leadership is not there, then maybe it is time to find leadership willing to move forward.

We also now have an opportunity to continue this historic progress with SB 178, the Weighted Funding Bill. “Lawmakers have a tremendous opportunity to now take the next step and pass Senate Bill 178 to address equitable and adequate funding for at risk students. With the recent positive projections from the Economic Forum, we remain hopeful that more progress for kids will be made,” said John Vellardita, CCEA Executive Director

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