Important THT Notice

CCEA has received the following information from Teachers Health Trust.
We are forwarding this information for you.


Teachers Health Trust (THT) has filed a lawsuit against four former employees of THT.
Among a number of claims, the lawsuit alleges that the former employees improperly used
and disclosed highly confidential business information which is a trade secret belonging to THT.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction for the return of THT’s property, compensatory damages, punitive
damages and other relief. THT will take all necessary measures in its mission to ensure the highest
quality healthcare for Clark County teachers and, to that end, it is necessary for THT to protect the
assets of the Trust.

We want to assure all participants of the THT plan that there will be no disruption or change in their
healthcare services. THT continues to maintain its regular business operations under the leadership of
the Interim Chief Operating Officer Ms. Kim Phillips.

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Teachers' health fund files lawsuit against former leaders who call themselves whistleblowers

THT Complaint

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