NSEA Lawsuit Update and Fake Social Media

Member Update: NSEA Lawsuit and Fake Social Media Accounts

• On November 14th, 2017: NSEA failed in court to have CCSD send dues money directly to NSEA. The judge did not buy their argument and said NSEA was trying to change the contract between CCEA and CCSD to allow them to get dues directly. NSEA is also holding firm in their court position that CCEA members are not entitled to financial information that spells out to the penny how NSEA spends CCEA member dues money. CCEA will continue to work on getting answers so we can have a better understanding and transparency where your dues are being spent.

• Trolls! They don’t just live under bridges, they’re on the internet, too. NSEA has launched a fake twitter account solely dedicated to attacking CCEA. NSEA Staff member, Lisa Guzman was one of the first followers wherein memes were created attacking CCEA leadership and association actions. A few days later, the account purchased followers which amassed many fake Twitter accounts (a little under 10K) all in an effort to boost the platform’s message. The account is designed to smear CCEA in its efforts to learn what NSEA does with our dues money and the current lawsuit we are currently involved in. Speaking of dues: this type of maneuver is very costly and exactly where yours are being spent.


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