Negotiations Update: Healthcare

July 28, 2017- The CCEA Negotiation Team was back in negotiations with CCSD for two days last week. Our arbitration dates are still scheduled for August 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. Healthcare will be a central focus.CCSD wants to see the Teachers Health Trust eliminated and everyone to be moved to a substandard United Health plan. Educators would pay more for less choice and substandard care.

The disparity in what CCSD contributes to other employee groups versus CCEA Educators, makes this fight all the more important.  CCSD pays $733.62 for central administrators versus $538.87 a month for educators—That’s a difference of $194.75. If you consider every educator, that’s over $42 million each year.

CCSD has been disingenuous about health insurance.  Eddie Goldman, CCSD Chief Negotiator, bargained increases and high contributions for himself, Superintendent Skorkowsky, and the Board of Trustees, which the Board voted to approve. No surprise! It’s no coincidence that CCSD’s top paid central administrators and Trustees are on the richest health insurance plan.
CCSD refused to increase the healthcare contribution for educators for over 8 years, except a one-time increase in 2016  that was conditioned on THT making significant changes to the health plan. In January 2017, CCSD cut off this increased monthly premium. THT is now back to subsidizing this lost source of revenue. CCSD knows this will compromise the THT’s financial situation.

THT is aware of the challenges some educators have gone through during the transition. THT’s Board of Trustees have identified the areas of needed improvement and are working on it, including bringing in a new management team to address these problems. Make no mistake, the key issue here is the need for more revenue. How can CCSD’s Board of Trustees say they have teachers’ best interest in mind when they refuse to properly fund our health plan the way that they fund their own?

Despite the uphill battle with CCSD, CCEA is prepared to make our case before an arbitrator. We will keep you updated.

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