ReOrg Consultant Calls Out Eddie Goldman & EMR

May 11, 2017

Yesterday you received more communication from the Clark County School District giving a fictional history of the Teacher’s Health Trust financial situation. CCSD continues to misconstrue their intention to eliminate the THT and place educators on a substandard United healthcare plan, something the District has been trying to do under Eddie Goldman’s leadership.

The Community Implementation Council, the body charged with oversight of the CCSD ReOrganizaiton implementation, held a meeting yesterday where EMR and Eddie Goldman, were publicly called out. We want to share what the consultant said about Goldman and the toxic work environment EMR maintains. The Nevada Independent reports, “The consulting team discovered that problems within the employee management relations (EMR) department have led to “turmoil, litigation and a hostile working environment”.”

It’s a well-known fact that the EMR department has created toxic labor relations. Exactly how much money has EMR spent to maintain that culture? The consultant went on to say that CCSD exceeded their legal budget by 450% last year. The number of Arbitrations, Unfair Labor Practices, and attempts to stop the Reorganization through a law suit are huge contributing factors.

CCEA’s Executive Director was quoted saying, “The district’s chief negotiator, Edward Goldman, and school trustees Chris Garvey and Kevin Child have continually worked against the reorganization effort.” Read the full article here:

It’s no surprise that we are seeing the same type of behavior from Goldman and the EMR Department when it comes to our health insurance. CCSD agreed that they pay less premium contributions to teachers and tried stating outright that educators could have more money for health insurance if they forgo any raises – a completely illogical argument.

Regarding CCSD’s most recent statement issued yesterday afternoon, here’s what they don’t want you to know. Below you’ll find a review of CCSD’s fiction versus the facts.

CCSD tries to defend their proposal in contract negotiations to place educators on a substandard United healthcare plan.

1. CCSD Fiction: “…it is a significantly improved plan from the Teachers Health Trust (THT).
Fact: Support staff has plenty of testimony and unfortunately several years of experience to share how bad United has been for them and their families and how CCSD has only shifted more cost to employees.

2. CCSD Fiction: “CCSD has not yet proposed a premium contribution for the plan.” Fact: They proposed the amount of $538.87.

3. CCSD tried to refute our statement that said, “Last year THT received the first increased contribution from CCSD in over 8 years.”
Fact: There isn’t another employer or insurance company in this country that went 8 straight years without making a contribution to health insurance to employees.

4. CCSD states, Subsequently, CCEA requested another $10 million for the THT. The Board agreed to that request as a one-time bailout for the THT from Jan 1, 2016 – Dec 31, 2016.
Fact: CCSD only agreed to provide that contribution by demanding that THT make changes to its health plan that amounted to $10 million in savings with the understanding that before December 2016, the parties would negotiate continuing the premium contributions. CCSD has refused.

5. CCSD Fiction: “The CCSD has never tried to destroy the THT.”
Fact: Everyone knows that Goldman and CCSD has tried to get rid of THT. In 2011, 2012, and 2013 negotiations, CCSD wanted to replace THT with a United Health Plan. And one Trustee was quoted as saying, “We want to starve THT out of business”.

6. CCSD states, “This was a one-time payment designed to help the Trust regain financial footing as it transitioned to a new management system. One of the stipulations to this increase was that the THT would become financially stable and provide reliable coverage to its beneficiaries.
Fact: And THT is financially recovering but needs to maintain the additional monthly premium contribution that CCSD cut off January 1, 2017 and has refused to negotiate with CCEA on.

7. CCSD states, “THT currently uses a for-profit corporation to manage its insurance, WellHealth Quality Care.”
Fact: Really? Doctors have businesses that are for profit. Hospitals are for profit. Specialist are for profit. Prescription drugs are for profit. THT contracts with all of them. The point is, THT doesn’t make a profit. It is a non-profit putting every dollar it has into healthcare.

CCEA’s Negotiating Team has been crystal clear on our position on health insurance. They’ve proposed two things:

  1. CCSD restore their contributions to $583.87 per member per month effective January, 2017. CCSD cut their premium contribution back to $538.87.
  2. On an annual basis, from this point moving forward, the district’s contributions are increased reflective of the cost of care.

CCSD has rejected CCEA’s proposal.

What Can You Do? Attend the special CCSD Trustee Meeting on Wednesday, May 17th at 4pm for a rally on healthcare a CCEA member has organized. You can RSVP here:

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