CCSD Budget Deficit Changes Every Day- We Need an Audit

CCSD Budget Deficit Changes Every Day- We Need an Audit

August 31, 2017

Las Vegas – Upon the close of the 2017 Legislative Session, the CCSD received $140 million MORE from the State for 2017-2019. They knew by June exactly how much they received.

CCSD has since announced a remarkably growing budget deficit. Their number has ballooned from $37 million to $45 million to $57 million or $60 million to now $70 to $80 million. How is this possible? Without so much as a forensic audit, the CCSD has spurred panic among educators and parents, warning about widespread layoffs.  What’s changed? There should not be any cuts or deficit.

It’s no coincidence that CCSD has churned through three Chief Financial Officers in less than a year. The current CFO, Jason Goudie, has no experience working with public sector budgets. Since his arrival, the deficit has increased near daily by millions.

It’s unacceptable for CCSD to play politics with the livelihoods of over 18,000 education professionals that directly impact over 320,000 students. It’s unacceptable for CCSD to scare the public and educators with such a cavalier approach to budgeting.

CCEA is not alone in calling to question the District’s Financial Officer and the ever changing so-called deficit being used to cause panic and fear. State Superintendent Steve Canavero states in his interview today with the Review Journal, “I’m just pointing out that the math doesn’t add up and the focal point of their narrative is disingenuous at best.” Even Canavero points out that, “the district is using the same political playbook as previous years, citing statements Clark made in 2011 and 2015 when the district was dealing with budget deficits”.

 The public has a right to a forensic audit.

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