Statement from CCEA on District’s PGP Announcement







Educators received a memo yesterday from CCSD announcing unilateral changes they made to our Professional
Growth System. Despite the joint agreement on the terms, CCSD has chosen to arbitrarily make these changes.

We understand the frustration, disappointment, and anger this has caused. CCEA does not agree with these
and registered our objections on February 27th when we requested that CCSD not make these
changes. Unfortunately, they made the unilateral decision to go forward.  CCEA is prepared to file an Unfair Labor
against CCSD for making unilateral changes over the objections of CCEA unless CCSD rescinds these
changes by close of business Monday, April 10th.

We understand that this effort to make a unilateral change was driven by EMR Director Eddie Goldman and not the
Board of Trustees. However, to help expedite the resolution to this critical issue we are asking educators negatively
impacted to contact the Board of Trustees by email.

Deanna Wright -
Linda Young -
Carolyn Edwards -
Erin Cranor -
Chris Garvey -
Lola Brooks –
Kevin Child –

CCEA will keep all members informed as we work to resolve this issue. If you would like to speak with a CCEA
please call (702) 733-3063 or (702) 473-1024.

On Thursday, April 6, 2017, CCSD sent an email communication with changes that were made to the
Professional Growth System (PGS) Reference Guide.

These are they areas impacted:

  • University-based coursework: CCSD communicated a change from the accrual of 8 CUs per semester
    credit and 5 CUs per quarter credit to 5 CUs per semester credit and 3.5 CUs per quarter credit.
  • Self-contained special education teachers: CCSD communicated that self-contained special education teachers
    serving in Title I, Tier III and Non-Title schools will now be placed on a three-year track, instead
    of a two-year track.
  • MOOCs: CCSD communicated that as of May 1, 2017, MOOCs will no longer accrue CUs.



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