They Tried It… We’re Not Having It!  📺

*Video Below*

You may have heard a thing or two about a power play that a few Trustee members were trying to pull off over the last week. It was clear at the Trustee Retreat last Friday that a tangled plot was brewing. Several of the Trustees had hatched a plan to usurp Superintendent Skorkowsky’s power to ensure the unsuccessful implementation of the Reorganization. Our Executive Director called out Chris Garvey, the ring leader, questioning her conspiracy theorist approach and motives for being an obstructionist.

Things continued to really heat up at the Trustee Work Session on Wednesday when Skorkowsky took on Garvey, Young, and Tew.  It was concerning to think Trustees were meeting to scheme about a way to block the Reorganization from moving forward. They quickly pivoted to a “we wanted to be helpful” message.

Though tempers didn’t rise to the same levels as the previous Work Session, there wasn’t a shortage of theater at last night’s board meeting. Throughout the monster 6+ hour meeting that ran past midnight, jabs were flying. In the end, a majority of Trustees did not support the plot to usurp Skorkowsky’s operational authority and Garvey had to withdraw her motion. Our leadership was there to make sure there was no question about our position with this power grab from the very beginning.

“I don’t think you operate in good faith, Trustee Garvey, I am questioning whether or not you’ve already had a conversation and I wonder what the intention is. I say this not out of disrespect, I say this because you are against AB394. You’ve said it to me. The last time we had a conversation, I said we need to embrace it and we need to unite to get (the) weighted funding formula down in this district. Fight for that equity issue that is long overdue in Southern Nevada. I ask you to embrace the change. You’ve never been there and I think this whole thing is really a bend about a power play.” - John Vellardita (Executive Director of CCEA)

However, the majority of Trustees were not part of the Garvey plot. They publicly spoke against it.  CCEA fully appreciates their role to defend Skorkowsky. CCEA fully supports Superintendent Skorkowsky and Trustees who are moving full steam ahead with the successful implementation of the CCSD Reorganization.

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