Update: EMRB Decision on PGP in Favor of CCEA

On July 11, 2017 the Employee-Management Relation Board (EMRB) heard CCEA’s case filed against CCSD for making unilateral changes to the Professional Growth System and the Reference Guide. The EMRB found in favor of CCEA and issued their written decision today, August 22, 2017.

CCEA was successfully able to prove that the Reference Guide negotiated between CCEA and CCSD is a bargained document that cannot be unilaterally changed by CCSD without bargaining in good faith with CCEA. The decision states: “The specifics for earning CUs as detailed in the August 1, 2016, Guide shall be restored with the exception of the granting of MOOCs credits. The parties shall continue to bargain in good faith on the suspension of MOOCs CUs.”  

Read the full decision here



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