Attorney Referral

iStock_000017332492XXXLargeFor more than 150 years members have come to rely on their Association for support and service in a wide variety of areas. That commitment to service continues today.

Our Attorney Referral Program provides members with legal advice on personal matters. Each eligible member is entitled to two 30-minute consultation sessions free during each membership year. If you need additional legal help, the Attorney Referral Program lets you get that help at rates below participating attorney’s usual fees.

Clear Evidence –We Deliver for Members
CCEA and our national and state affiliates have for many years provided members legal protection in employment-related matters. But in today’s complex world, simply having legal help for employment-related matters is not enough. At one time or another, each of us needs legal counsel on personal matters that are important to us and our families.

That’s why we created the Attorney Referral Program. This unique program is designed to make sure that every member has access to affordable legal advice.

Who Can Participate
The Attorney Referral Program is open to any active, life, support, or retired member, and the member’s spouse and dependent children.

What the Program Provides
NSEA has identified attorneys throughout the state who have agreed to handle certain personal matters at a substantially reduced rate.

During any membership year (from September 1 to August 31), eligible members are entitled to two free 30-minute consultation sessions with any of these Association-approved attorneys. During the two free sessions, you may discuss any legal matter except income tax preparation.

In addition to these free consultations, members may have specific legal work performed in five “core” areas at a 30 percent reduction of that attorney’s normal fee.

As your local, state, and national representatives we are committed to making sure that qualified and competent attorneys participate in the Attorney Referral Program.

Before any attorneys can become a part of the program, they must be approved by both the NSEA and the NEA. They must agree to provide service to members at times that are convenient to members-times outside the normal working day.

Participating attorneys must agree to discuss fees before they render services. And they must be willing to accept payment of their fees by some installment payment plan. In some cases, that may even include credit cards.

The Attorney Referral Program…designed to deliver for members.

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