The Clark County Education Association (CCEA) as the exclusive representative for all Clark County licensed personnel employed or pending employment by the school district, has negotiated a comprehensive collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with the Clark County School District (CCSD).

A teacher’s first protection is the CBA that defines the terms and conditions of employment. CCEA negotiates your CBA and diligently seeks to improve and enforce the CBA. The main enforcement tool is the grievance procedure.

A grievance is defined as any dispute that arises regarding an interpretation, application or alleged violation of the CBA. Because the grievance procedure is part of our contract with the district, it is legally a protected activity that shields the grievant from any reprisals because a grievance was filed.

An employee of the school district covered by the CBA may file a grievance. CCEA offers assistance in the processing of grievances for all members. Any CCEA member- who feels that he or she may have a grievance- should call CCEA immediately.

CCEA works diligently to enforce the CBA language, as well as to ensure that the Nevada Revised Statutes and CCSD Policies and Regulations that affect educators are being properly applied.

Member Representation and Protection includes:

  • Representation in investigatory meetings
  • Assistance in grievance processing
  • Assistance in responding to documents
  • Legal access and representation
  • Assistance is provided through an intake desk to answer your contractual questions
  • Assistance from an experienced and knowledgeable professional staff to provide contract enforcement
  • Assistance with professional development
  • Guidance and counseling as needed
  • Representation at the local, state and national level on all issues that impact education

Remember, even fair-minded persons can honestly disagree over the meaning of a contract or personnel policy. For that reason, a grievance procedure is an integral part of the CBA. A grievance is merely an orderly procedure with specific timelines to follow to resolve differences between an employee and employer. Our current grievance procedure ends with the final decision being made by an impartial arbitrator. The arbitrator’s decision is, according to the CBA, final and binding.